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THE CONCEPT FOR AN INTERPRETIVE MUSEUM RELATING TO BATCHELOR TOWN – Three happenings of European history dating back to 1911 each stand out as unique and important to Australia and so understated! Before that, the area contained Aboriginal lands of several different tribes;  some of those lands were utilized for a Commonwealth defined Aboriginal settlement.

World War II

BATCHELOR DURING THE WAR YEARS –  Cleared as a civil  aerodrome in 1933 on what was part of the former Batchelor Farm Darwin, Batchelor Aerodrome  became an important base for Allied  Air operations  during the war years from late 1941. The 'drome' became a RAAF base on 3rd July 1941 and on 22nd December that year the first  missions against the Japanese from Australian soil were flown. 

Indigenous Background

ABORIGINAL HERITAGE – The Aboriginal tribes in the immediate area of the Batchelor farm, and subsequent Batchelor township, were Warrai and Kungarakany tribes. As Europeans moved into the area with the development of the Old Telegraph Line, and then the railway and mining, traditional aboriginal people married people of other nationalities. Many families established in the Top End. 


RUM JUNGLE URANIUM MINING & BATCHELOR TOWNSHIP –   In 1944 the British Government requested its Australian counterpart to search for uranium as they wanted to develop it for peaceful purposes such as power generation. The search was announced in 1948 and a coloured pamphlet produced by the Bureau of Mineral Resources.


BATCHELOR DEMONSTRATION FARM – When the Commonwealth took control of the Northern Territory  in 1911 the authorities were determined to make a full  investigation of  the economic potential of  the country before deciding on a policy for developing the region. One of the first experts appointed to do a survey of  the Territory was WS Campbell.

Batchelor Now

Batchelor is best known as the gateway to magnificent Litchfield National Park, only 98 kilometres south of Darwin, just off the Stuart Highway, which is known as the Explorer’s Way, Batchelor is an excellent base from which to explore Litchfield NP. When Litchfield was declared a national park in 1986, tourism became Batchelor’s primary industry.

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